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Lilian Kreutzberger’s work at Socrates Sculpture Park

Dutch artist Lilian Kreutzberger is participating in group exhibition in 2014 Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition at Socrates Sculpture Park

Sun, Sep 7 - Sun, Mar 22  2015

Socrates Sculpture Park

Dutch artist Lilian Kreutzberger is participating in group exhibition in 2014 Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition at Socrates Sculpture Park, on view until March 22.

About Lilian Kreutzberger

Lilian Kreutzberger, the Netherlands 1984, received a BFA at the Royal Academy of Art, the Hague (2007) and she received a Fulbright for her Master of Fine Arts programme at Parsons New School, New York (May 2013. She currently lives and works in New York and is an Artist in Residence at the ESKFF. Kreutzberger won the Buning Brongers prize for painting in 2008; and has received a grant twice from the Mondriaan Fund. Her work has been shown at, among other places, the Gemeentemuseum in the Netherlands (2007); the Royal Palace, Amsterdam (2009); and the Dutch pavilion at the World Expo, Shanghai, China (2010). Her work is held in the Gemeentemuseum collection, the Eileen Kaminsky Family Foundation and in the Caldic Collection. Kreutzberger was twice nominated for the Royal Prize for Painting. Recently, she was selected by Rietveld Architects in New York to make a permanent work for a residential building in Rijswijk, the Netherlands.

About the work at Socrates Sculpture Park

Lilian Kreutzberger’s white sprawling installation lies flat and unevenly overlooking the east river. Laid horizontally at ground level, Untitled attempts to replicate and fragment a 20th century “wonder” – the modern skyscraper. The grid-like facade of appears to have recently toppled from across the East River, but is now bleached of all distinguishing details. The two-dimensionality of Kreutzberger’s piece raises questions about the relationship between conceptual models and their actual execution. The quasi-literal reconstruction of this architectural relief aims for the efficiency, reason, logic, and perfection of the archetype. However, in comparison to the source, Untitled feels human and light. Creating tension between intention and reality, the concept and the reconstruction, Untitled implicates the pursuit of ideals with eventual failure and collapse.

About Socrates Sculpture Park & The annual Emerging Artist Fellowship (EAF) Exhibition

The exhibition is a cornerstone of Socrates Sculpture Park’s visual arts programming and is widely acclaimed for the ambition, breadth, and innovation of the works on view. Featuring fifteen artists, EAF14 is a survey of the compelling and diverse state of sculpture today. Each EAF14 artist has engaged with the larger narrative of public space in a dynamic and daring way, building upon Socrates Sculpture Park’s goal to present socially aware, inspiring art in the public realm. EAF14 artists were selected through a high competitive process that attracted a broad field of nearly 300 candidates, reviewed by the park’s curatorial advisors Anne Barlow (Executive Director, Art in General) and Joe Sheftel (Joe Sheftel Gallery, New York). Selected EAF14 artists were awarded a 2014 Emerging Artist Fellowship, including 24/7 access to the park’s outdoor studio and facilities, as well as the financial, technical, and curatorial support to realize his or her most ambitious work possible.

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