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Lily van der Stokker at LMAKgallery New York

From October 14 until November 27, Lily van der Stokker will be featured in the group exhibition ‘A Playful World’ at LMAKgallery New York

Fri, Oct 14 - Sun, Nov 27  2016

LMAKgallery - New York Consulate Region

From October 14 until November 27, Dutch artist Lily van der Stokker will be featured in the group exhibition ‘A Playful World’ at LMAKgallery New York. The group show features the work of Renate Müller, Bruno Munari, Lily van der Stokker, and Caroline Wells Chandler. They reflect upon the mystical world explored in books, toy design, and art that is imbued and inspired by childhood. ‘A Playful World’ strives to embrace the beauty, playful innocence, and ambiguity of childhood. On display will be a wide variation of book pages, and art and design pieces. Contributing to the exhibition, Lily van der Stokker embraces socio-political messages in her pastel paintings and her installations evocative of girls’ craft projects. She renders serious thoughts in a friendly and approachable manner through the subtle and softness of her design. On view will be her brightly colored “Family” paintings with titles and texts such as Aunty Roberta, Uncle Jerry or “My Little brother Olivier (Mosset)”. 

Courtesy of the Artist

About Lily van der Stokker 

Lily van der Stokker (1954) lives and works between Amsterdam and New York City. Van der Stokker earned a degree in drawing and textiles and a second degree in monumental design and painting from the Academy of Art and Design in Breda. Her work has been presented in numerous group exhibitions at international venues, such as the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the South London Gallery. 

About LMAKgallery

LMAKgallery was founded by Louky Keijsers Koning in 2005 and Bart Keijsers Koning joined as co-owner in 2009. The gallery’s primary interest lies in the commitment to the artist’s process and dedication to their thoughts and production. LMAKgallery works with artists who have proven to sustain continuity in their visual expression without being repetitive. The gallery strives to introduce collectors to new horizons through visual, sound, or conceptual experience, as well as opening communication to develop a relation between the viewer and the art. LMAKgallery is known for its exhibitions with international allure and focusing on interdisciplinary practices.


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