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LINKED ‘Connecting Concepts’ by OneMoreGallery & Patrick Cupid

Several artists showcased at LINKED from August 16 until the 21th, organized by OneMoreGallery & Patrick Cupid

Tue, Aug 16 - Sun, Aug 21  2016

Gallery128 - New York Consulate Region

From August 16h until the 21th, a selection of artists works from across the globe will be exhibited at the OneMoreGallery, through LINKED ‘Connecting Concepts. Zjef van Bezouw, who is the owner of OneMoreGallery, organized this event in collaboration with Patrick Cupid. The exhibited artists are: Claudette van de Rakt (NL), Darcie van Hamlin (USA), Emmanuel Cayere (FR), Zjef van Bezouw (NL), Guy Stanley Philoche (USA), Paul Suepat (USA-Jamaica), Yang Bin (China) and Ye Jianqing (China).


Opening party: Tuesday August 16 from 6 – 9 PM
Closing party: Sunday August 21st 3 – 6 PM


A combination of selected works by contributing artists from; China, France, Jamaica, the Netherlands, and the United States. Exploring the coupling of artists who have never met before and taking an in-depth look at the connections in their individual styles. Zjef and Patrick found similarities in the work of these artists and were widely enthusiastic to combine these artists with each other, which will be the first time they’ll work with this concept.

About OneMoreGallery

OneMoreGallery is committed to discovering new artists whose work ”will burn onto your retina”. They create unique platforms, and special events for artists to showcase their work to new audiences.

About Zjef van Bezouw

Zjef graduated from Art School, the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, in 1992 with a degree in Theatre Design, focusing on set design, costume design and art direction. He finished his degree in
Shoemaking and Shoe design in Den Bosch (NL) also that year. Instead of designing shoes as accessories in Fashion he did research into the cult of the shoe and it’s meaning in society creating more innovative and theatrical but wearable shoes. Zjef studied from 1994-1996 at DASARTS, earning a masters study in Theatre. He explored the key elements in Performance Art and created new images for Theatre and Galleries.

“I’m passionate about discovering new artists and showing their most riveting work – art that will “burn onto your retina”. At OneMoreGallery we are all about creating memorable interactions for our guests with these emerging contemporary artists”

About Claudette van de Rakt

Claudette van de Rakt (1969) got her MFA in 1993 in Breda, The Netherlands. She combines a practice of commercial and fashion photography with autonomous work, in which photography often overlaps with music, text, film and community-based projects. She lives and works in The Netherlands and Belgium. Together with Pim Evers she owns the photostudio Lighthouse.

About OneMoreGallery

Throughout his journey, Zjef found inspiration in discovering and creating excitement around emerging artists and showcasing their talents. Inspired by New York’s vibrant art scene, Zjef arrived in the US from his native Netherlands in 2011. Most recently as a partner in Gallery Brooklyn he uncovered new talent across a wide range of mediums. Today he brings this passion for emerging contemporary artists to OneMoreGallery.


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