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Marc Mommaas Plays at The Netherland Club

@ © Henk Mommaas
@ © The Netherland Club

Thu, Feb 21 - Thu, Feb 21  2019

On Thursday, February 21th 2019 the Davies bar is turned into a cozy jazz club for a new edition of TNC JAZZ: Marc Mommaas – Music on Dutch Art. Marc is an in NY living Dutch tenor and soprano saxophonist. He will present a special concert with jazz music inspired by Dutch art in New York.  Be ready for an exceptional experience.

Together with Dutch acoustic bass player Joris Teepe and Nate Radley (electric guitar), Marc Mommaas will take you on an artistic musical adventure. He will not only talk about and make you look at paintings by among others Vincent van Gogh, Rembrandt van Rijn, and Mondriaan, but he will especially let you listen to these masterpieces by bringing the paintings to life with sounds, shapes, and colors.

About Marc Mommaas

Dutch (Amsterdam) Tenor Saxophonist Marc Mommaas was born into a creative environment. With four generations of professional classical musicians in his DNA the arts in all its varieties quickly became an integral part of his life. His father Henk Mommaas was a painter with a strong presence in the Dutch art scene using oil on canvas as his medium while being deeply passionate about Jazz and Improvisation. Endless dialogues ensued between father and son concerning the commonalities and differences between the visual arts and music often paired with a good bottle of wine or something stronger when the discussion got too heated. It is second nature to Mommaas to hear sound as color and visual shapes as compositional components.

Twenty years ago Mommaas made New York City his home and quickly engaged in a variety of creative settings never letting go of his heritage. On Thursday, February 21th 2019 you will witness Mommaas in action connecting musically with a variety of Dutch masterpieces from NY based collections and he will be joined by Dutch bassist Joris Teepe who resides half of the time in NYC whilst heading the direction of the Conservatory in Groningen, and guitarist Nate Radley, a long time partner in crime with Mommaas.

For tickets visit to the Netherland Club website.

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