Margaret Lansink solo exhibition at Galerie XII in Santa Monica

10 July 2021 — 4 September 2021
Galerie XII, Bergamot Arts Center, #B2, 2525 Michigan Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90404 West, Santa Monica

Galerie XII Los Angeles is pleased to present On the mend – Bodymaps, the first solo exhibition of Dutch artist Margaret Lansink in Los Angeles. The exhibition is on view from July 10 until September 4, 2021. After receiving fabulous success in Europe and Asia, the gallery is thrilled to bring the audience in Los Angeles the opportunity to discover her artwork. Her photographic approach is purely intuitive and her images present a sincere reflection of her own inner emotions at a specific time and place. The exhibition will show two of her series: On the Mend and Bodymaps.

Margaret Lansink, Kindred. Courtesy of the Artist and Galerie XII


In On the Mend, Lansink transcribes the transitional ambiguity of her adult daughter’s decision to suspend all contact with her. Margaret Lansink then began to rethink and reinterpret her artworks in a physical practice that reflected their emotional healing efforts. Inspired by the Kintsugi Japanese practice of repairing ceramic with gold leaf, she combines her images, cuts them, and repairs them with gold leaf to give the hope of a possible link stronger and more beautiful than before, precisely because it has been broken.

Margaret Lansink, Contours. Courtesy of the Artist and Galerie XII

In Bodymaps, Margaret Lansink deals with aging and the difficulties of accepting it. The skin does not lie: it’s a person’s age map, it’s the paper where his choices, failures, passions, fears are written on. Do you hide these traces and scars or do you  show and cherish them as memories of life? Lansink interconnects these very feminine images with traces from Mother Nature where trees suffer, grow, and become more beautiful with age.

Margaret Lansink, Wishes. Courtesy of the Artist and Galerie XII

About the Artist

Margaret Lansink is a fine art photographer who graduated from Photo Academy Amsterdam in 2012. She studied in  2016 at Le Masterclass Paris and in 2020 at  the Masterclass of Smedsby Atelier, also in Paris. The works of Margaret have been awarded with the Hariban Award 2019  (Borders of Nothingness – On the Mend). Lansink participates in exhibitions, residencies, and competitions in Holland  and abroad. Her work has been shown in  Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden, Den Helder,  Antwerp, Arles, UK, New York, Vancouver,  Japan, Tbilisi, Kaunas and Barcelona. Additionally, she often coaches young  photographers in developing their signature and portfolio.

Margaret Lansink, Yin Yang #1. Courtesy of the Artist and Galerie XII

About the gallery

Galerie XII Los Angeles was founded by  Valerie-Anne Giscard d’Estaing in 2018. The  LA gallery is the brand’s third international  space, following the debut of Galerie XII  Paris in 2007 and Galerie XII Shanghai,  which opened in 2017. The editorial line of Galerie XII Los Angeles centers on contemporary figurative photography and its programming aims to exhibit established European and Asian photographers and artists who have not previously shown on the West Coast. The gallery organizes five or six solo exhibitions each year and participates in several art fairs.