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Marianne Hendriks at The Other Art Fair

May 3 to 6, The Other Art Fair features works by visual artist Marianne Hendriks

Thu, May 3 - Sun, May 6  2018

Brooklyn Expo Center

May 3 to 6, The Other Art Fair in Brooklyn, NY, features works by visual artist Marianne Hendriks. The fair also includes works by Fei Alexeli, a Greek-English artist who is currently Amsterdam-based. Tickets and more information about the event can be found on the official site.


Marianne Hendriks

Marianne Hendriks portrays nature differently; her motivation behind the paintings is the wonderment for nature. She is fascinated with how we relate to nature. She plays with the balance of nature, abstraction, and geometry, showing transformation. The work is influenced by art history and art’s ability to play with illusion.

“I always found art captivating, it really entices curiosity. I believe that art has a decorative function. I love that art is everything but the obvious. Storytelling is what art is for me, I am crazy about stories, I like to think of it as serious play and conversation. I believe art has great tradition but also invites one to explore and divert from it, as art is based on art.”

Dupsis Lutescens © Marianne Hendriks

The strong sense of geometry in the paintings is influenced by her background in architecture and design. Marianne’s art is a playful approach to simplicity, creating order and calmness, inspired by temples of worship. How architecture of worship is a means of making sense of the world, all the chaos of nature. Structure and order opposite of how nature is perceived, whilst nature can’t exist without structure and symmetry.

The paintings are a series of portraits of plants and leaves with an imaginative and naive appearance, showing underlying stories and associations. Marianne’s paintings contain many hidden meanings and illusive effects. You might sometimes have the feeling you are not looking at a plant but at creases of a sofa or an African mask. The plants have influences of human-like characteristics. Marianne wants to create a sense of intimacy and estrangement at the same time.

Angiopteris Magnum © Marianne Hendriks

Her work shows a strong sense of rhythm by created patterns, repeated elements, and texture, giving the impression that the plants are alive. The proportions in the paintings are a play and search out of curiosity on balance of symmetry and disruptions with imperfections. Becoming a balance between realism and abstraction.

The portraits of the plants have a statuesque appearance, like objects of worship, with their sculpted texture, and centerpiece symmetric composition.

Elaeis Guineensis © Marianne Hendriks

The Other Art Fair

The Other Art Fair is the leading artist fair to discover and buy art direct from the very best emerging artistic talent. With fairs strongly established in the US, UK, and Australia, The Other Art Fair has grown with editions now in London, Bristol, Sydney, Melbourne, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles.

In 2017 the Fair was thrilled to launch biannual editions with tremendous success in the creative heart of Brooklyn, presenting handpicked artwork spanning all mediums and created by 130 emerging and independent artists.

Celebrated for its unique and immersive visitor experience, The Other Art Fair Brooklyn is a delight and inspiration to art lovers with past features including hand poke tattoo experiences, immersive dining experiences, interactive art installations, 3D printing, virtual reality, restaurant and bar pop-ups, and much more!

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