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Marie Cecile Thijs solo exhibition at Smith Davidson Gallery in Miami

Marie Cecile Thijs, Boy with White Collar at Table, 2009.

@ Courtesy of the artist and Smith Davidson Gallery

Sat, Jun 5 - Sun, Jul 18  2021

Smith Davidson Gallery - Miami Consulate Region

From June 5, 2021, the Smith Davidson Gallery in Miami will present the new solo exhibition “A Surreal World” by Marie Cecile Thijs. In her work, portraits of people, animals, flowers and food all bear her specific signature.

Influences reminiscent of the 17th century Old Masters are recurrent in the artist’s work, simultaneously however her personal interpretation is completely contemporary. Thijs plays with her subjects by bringing them to life unexpectedly, or – on the contrary – freezing them in time and space.

Objects become characters. They move away from their daily destination, assuming a completely new personality. This provides intriguing creations, where tranquility, motion and sometimes also humor meet. In the works of Marie Cecile Thijs the unusual is usual.

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