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Marijn van Kreij exhibition at MING Studios

MING Studios presents ‘Traces’, an exhibition with new works by Marijn van Kreij until June 27

Sat, Apr 25 - Sat, Jun 27  2015

Until June 27 MING Studios presents ‘Traces’, an exhibition with new works by Marijn van Kreij.  Van Kreij has produced these works during his one-month work period as artist in residence at MING Studios. The title of the exhibition refers to the song ‘Traces’ by internationally acclaimed, Boise‐based band, Built to Spill. The lyrics of the song act as an intangible platform for Van Kreij to build from.

About the Exhibition

Regarding the exhibition Van Kreij says: “In a very direct way the lyrics make you think about the mind and the distinction between an inner and outside world and how this thin line is actually not so clear at all sometimes, if at all traceable. I will set these lyrics against new abstract works on paper, which are all based upon images from books on the work of Swiss-German artist Paul Klee (1879 – 1940). I am forcing myself and the viewer to relate these two disparate sources. I believe what is to be found in between might be worthwhile. I am aiming to create these gaps for thought.”

Van Kreij’s work often magnifies the subtleties of daily life caught by the artist’s eye and ear. His work engages with and reflects upon ‘the creative act’ in the broadest sense. Repetition and the reuse of existing imagery and text play a key role within his practice. His most recent exhibitions are experiments on how music and visual elements – drawings, paintings and text pieces – may connect to each other and shape the experience of the audience.

For the opening on April 25, Van Kreij collaborated with local musicians Kelsey Velate Swope, Sterling Hoch, B. Henri Allsworth, Brian Wyatt Anglin and Brett Hawkins who performed a rendition of Traces in five parts.

About Marijn van Kreij

Marijn van Kreij (1978, Middelrode, NL) has exhibited extensively throughout Europe. His work can be found in major collections including Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam and Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht (NL). Traces at MING Studios marks the artist’s first solo exhibition in the United States.

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