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Marike van Dijk performs at Mana Contemporary

Fri, Feb 7 - Fri, Feb 7  2020

Dutch jazz saxophonist, composer, and arranger Marike van Dijk will be performing at Mana Contemporary on Friday February 7 with the Stereography Project.  Van Dijk divides her time working and living between Brooklyn and Amsterdam. Her most recent project features a collaboration with singer-songwriters Jeff Taylor from New Jersey, and Katell Keineg from Cardiff, UK. Marike wrote arrangements of their songs to be performed and recorded with her large group, the Stereography Project—a twelve-piece ensemble with strings, woodwinds, and a piano trio. The concert includes two intermissions and complimentary drinks.

This event is part of a season of concerts curated by Brooklyn Jazz Underground, a record company and collective built around empowering musicians. Get your tickets here.

Marike van Dijk graduated cum laude from the Rotterdam Conservatory and holds master’s degrees from the Amsterdam Conservatory and New York University. On a Fulbright scholarship in New York, she started working on several interdisciplinary projects as a musician and composer. Having spent a lot of time in orchestras and big bands growing up, van Dijk developed a love for large ensembles. She translated this into her own large ensemble, the Stereography Project, joining the BMI jazz composer’s workshop, and debuting as a composer.

The Stereography Project. Photo: Ashley Maas Taylor

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