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Martine Johanna Exhibits in NYC From Oct 12

Martine Johanna Exhibits Life is But A Dream @ Massey Klein Gallery, NY From October 12

Fri, Oct 12 - Sun, Nov 11  2018

Dutch artist Martine Johanna will be featured at the Massey Klein Gallery from October 12th until November 11th with her painting series “Life is but a dream.”

Opening Reception (open to the public): Friday, Oct. 12th from 6-8pm


Amsterdam-based Martine Johanna is an artist known for her vivid paintings with both figurative and abstract elements. Her autobiographical works, seemingly lighthearted, explore the duality between youthful naivety and anxiety-riddled adulthood. The figures, fierce but fragile, crowd the compositions and occupy the majority of the space gazing distractedly into the beyond. Each of Johanna’s delicately rendered figures convey a sense of immersion within their own “internal psychic landscape.” The work is imbued with a mysterious narrative and sensation of knowing that each character in the work has a full and complex history that the viewer can never completely comprehend. The paintings have a signature prismatic palette, visually stimulating and playful while expressing an underlying sense of uncertainty and unrest. 

Martine Johanna has had international success exhibiting extensively in the Netherlands and abroad. A background in fashion design has influenced her depiction and ease with the female figure. Inspiration for her work include a mixture of childhood and autobiographical memories and experiences, documentaries on human nature, independent films and history. 

Martine Johanna, The Alternate, 2018, Acrylic on panel, 15.75 x 11.8 inches.jpg

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