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Marvin? as Best Independent Comedy Pilot at SeriesFest

@ Image: Still from Marvin?, courtesy of Explorers of the Unfound

Mon, May 8 - Mon, May 8  2023

Dutch filmmaker Anton van der Linden‘s TV pilot Marvin? is selected for Best Independent Comedy Pilot at SeriesFest. Two friends Dave and Sam struggle with success, queerness, and addictions. When Marvin, a magical fridge, shows up and gives them everything they want, they soon learn that their shiny materialistic world is not what they expected. Read more here.

About Marvin?

Marvin? is a modern fable about the pressures young people face today and their search for identity and true happiness. In Marvin? our heroes Dave and Sam stumble into a magical adventure, conquering their fears and discovering who they truly are and what makes them happy. Marvin? Is a story of self-acceptance and living life on your own terms, despite what society thinks. It’s a comedy about an emotional subject because no matter how difficult things get, we should always see the humor.

About SeriesFest

SeriesFest, a non-profit organization, champions and empowers artists at the forefront of episodic storytelling by providing year-round opportunities for creators and industry experts to connect, collaborate, and share stories, which inspire and impact global audiences.

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