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Master Drawings New York 2019 – Featuring Several Dutch Old Master Works

Caspar Van Wittel, “The Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, viewed from the Bacino” (1701)

Leo Gestel, “Portrait of Jan Wiegman seated on a Chair” (1921)

Willem van Konijnenburg, “Paedestinatie (Dance of Fate)” (1918)

Kees van Dongen, “Untitled” (Date unknown)

Claes van Beresteyn, “Knotty Old Tree in the Dunes with a Fence” (Date unknown)

Sat, Jan 26 - Sat, Feb 2  2019

Various Locations

_F_rom January 26th until February 2nd, 2019, Master Drawings New York will take place in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. During this week, various international galleries and auction houses will display works in various galleries in the area – including several Dutch Old Masters works. To view all the locations of participating galleries and art dealers, download the brochure here.

Leo Gestel, “Portrait of Jan Wiegman seated on a Chair” (1921)

Established in 2006 and co-founded by Margot Gordon and Crispian Riley-Smith, Masters Drawings New York (MDNY) is the pre-eminent event for exhibiting and celebrating old master through contemporary drawings in the United States. Dealers from the United States and Europe showcase their highest quality drawings in galleries along Madison Avenue on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Scheduled for the last week of January, the event coincides with the major Old Master auctions and scholarly events focused on drawings. It is a week dedicated to historic art, where collectors, scholars, museum curators and dealers travel to New York from around the world to view artwork and participate in the events around the city.

Galleries With Dutch Works

Mireille Mosler Ltd.

◊ Claes van Beresteyn, “Knotty Old Tree in the Dunes with a Fence” (Date unknown)

◊ Chris Beekman, “Moonlit landscape” (1904); “The Haystack” (1902); and “Young Woman in Profile” (1906)

◊ Willem van den Berg, “Andrean Condor”; and “Volendammer (Frerik Schokker or Kleine Frerik)” (1933)

◊ Jan van Bijlert, “Allegory of Smell” (c. 1630)

◊ Sigisbert Chrétien Bosch Reitz, “Morning Glory” (1899-1900)

◊ H.P. Bremmer, “The Water Well” (1903)

◊ Johan Briedé, “Skull” (1902)

◊ Theo van Hoytema (1863-1917), “Young Bearded Vultures”

◊ Willem van Konijnenburg, “Cranes and Deer” (1899); and “Manchurian Cranes” (1899)

◊ Jacobus van Looy, “The Mower” (c. 1898)

◊ Willem van Nijmegen, “Allegory of the Loss of Arnhem” (1672)

◊ Jan Toorop, “Pastor Van Straelen” (1902); “The Dream of the Seven Hills (De Droom der Zeven Heuvelen)” (c. 1913); and “The Crucifixion” (1920)

You can see all the works displayed by Mireille Mosler Ltd below:

Colnaghi & Artur Ramon Art

◊ Caspar van Wittel (Vanvitelli in Italian), “The Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, viewed from the Bacino” (1701)


Jack Kilgore & Co Inc.

◊ Leo Gestel, “Portrait of Jan Wiegman seated on a Chair” (1921)

◊ Willem van Konijnenburg, “Paedestinatie (Dance of Fate)” (1918)


♦ Stephen Ogin Fine Art

◊ Kees van Dongen, “Untitled” (Date unknown)


Benjamin Proust Fine Art Ltd.

◊ Willem Danielsz van Tetrode, “Buste of Tiberius”

Willem van Konijnenburg, “Praedestinatie (Dance of Fate)” (1918)

Abraham Bloemaert Lecture

In conjunction with MDNY 2019 Special Loan Exhibition FIGURE/STUDY: Drawings from the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, Elizabeth Nogrady, curator of academic programs at the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center, Vassar College, will explore the theme of education as it relates to the drawings of seventeenth-century Dutch master Abraham Bloemaert. Bloemaert, whose work is represented in the exhibition, never received sustained training from an established artist early in his career and was, according to biographer Karel van Mander, a “master without a master.” Nevertheless, he went on to become both a prolific artist and teacher to a large number of students in his adopted hometown of Utrecht. Drawings played a key role in both his self-education and the education he provided to the generation of artists trained in his studio. This discussion will focus primarily on drawings by Bloemaert from American academic museums, and touch on the collecting of these works as well as their pedagogical uses as they continue to serve as educational tools in the classroom today.

The lecture will be held at Carlton Hobbs in New York, at 4:00 with a reception afterward. To attend, please RSVP at the Master Drawings New York website.

Abraham Bloemaert, “Studies for Female Saint and Male Head (recto) and Arm, Leg, and Hand Studies (verso)” © Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University



Sotheby’s will be having several Dutch Old Masters auctions on January 30th, 2019, and will host exhibitions of the auctioned works free and open to the public from January 25th – 29th. For more information about the Sotheby’s events and auctions, go to our event page here.


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