Meet Dutch Tech Innovators Screen6, Dyflexis and Clypper International

12 June 2014 — 12 June 2014
80 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Screen6, Dyflexis and Clypper International have been selected as participants of ‘the Holland in NYC’ bootcamp taking place from June 9-13, 2014, organized by the Consulate General of the Netherlands.

Founders Ruben Gersons (Screen6), Thomas van den Ende & Joshua Angnoe (Dyflexis) and Roel van Kempen & Marcel de Visser (Clypper International) are five of the tech disruptors who will be presenting at the Northside Festival during the Dutch Pitch Session on Thursday June 12, 6pm at the Wythe Hotel.



Dyflexis’ online workforce management software enables efficient planning and time & attendance registration for any kind of business. Dyflexis will streamline your workforce management and helps you to reduce operational staffing costs.

Dyflexis Planningsoftware is developed by the Wodan Brothers. Dyflexis means DYnamic FLEXible Information Systems. Wodan Brothers is the market leader in the area of user friendly online workforce management software in various branches. At Wodan Brothers they believe user friendliness does not have to impede functionality, and implementation of new software can be fast and effective.

Clypper International

Clypper is a conversion-increasing, interactive, mobile video messenger. By one on one video communication you engage, excite and connect with your target group. Therefore Clypper designed a state of the art mobile solution. What do they do? They just send your story!

Clypper’s “push” technology enables direct broadcasting of video clips that may include banners, pre and/or post-roles as well as URLs to mobile devices of target users and/or target user-groups or communities, without the need for user interface. In addition to banners and pre/post-roles, Clypper features a unique, interactive and powerful “action button.” Simply clicking the action button allows users to buy merchandise, conduct e-voting/e-ticketing, release ‘call-me-back’ requests, or navigate to a live streaming event.



Screen6 is an Amsterdam based online technology startup with many years of innovative experience. It’s proprietary technology platform uncovers the human relationship between desktops, phones and tablets, helping advertisers to boost their effectiveness in real-time. ‘’By combining smart technology, smart ideas and a smart team we are able to create the most cutting edge platform available.’’

Screen6 was chosen as one of 2014’s most promising worldwide startups. They were invited to attend The Next Web ’14, and received clients in their private booth. The team was very proud to achieve this level of recognition!