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Meeting All Bands Performing At Northside 2016

Get to know the bands that perform at Northside Festival: Bombay, Benny Sings & Blue Crime! Get to know the faces behind the tasteful music you can enjoy this weekend #dutchsounds

Fri, Jun 10 - Sat, Jun 11  2016

Music Hall of Williamsburg - New York Consulate Region

Meet Benny SingsIn this first episode of “Meeting the Bands,” we are excited to introduce Benny Sings to Brooklyn crowds. As a renowned Dutch producer, Sings’ studio is his natural habitat – however, his “sweet songs” demand to be performed on stage. Curious? On June 11, Sings will be live on Bedford Avenue at Northside Festival. Be there!

Meet Blue Crime! This experimental four-piece monster was born in an Amsterdam bunker and is ready to take the world by storm. Playing mysterious moon pop, its show is a trip from the disarming to the wrenching. Prepare to be swept off your feet by dreamy yet sinister songs – or by a mosh pit. You can join the mosh pit, or just stand in the crowd enjoying their talents, on June 10 at Palisades

In the last episode of “Meeting the Bands,” Amsterdam-based indie rock trio Bombay has arrived into town, and is ready to show their teeth at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Returning to the US with their long-awaited second LP, the band has entered a more introspective fase, adding an expanding sonic palette and emotional depth to their sound. 
They will perform on June 10 during Northside Festival



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