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MoCCA Arts Festival with illustrator Erik Kriek

@ Courtesy of Erik Kriek

Sat, Apr 1 - Sun, Apr 2  2023

Metropolitan Pavilion - New York Consulate Region

Work from award-winning Dutch illustrator Erik Kriek is featured at MOCCA Arts Festival April 1 & April 2. His original style has gained him international acclaim as a comics author.

About the author

Dutch illustrator Erik Kriek studied illustration and graphic arts at the Rietveld Academy for Art and Design in Amsterdam. Kriek has achieved (inter)national acclaims for his ‘silent’ comicbook series ‘ Gutsman’ and has received the ‘Stripschapsprijs’ for his entire ouvre. Kriek’s original style is often described as having a feel for ‘post-modern irony, infused with a retro-comic, pop-culture sensibility’.

About the festival

The MoCCA Arts Festival is  Manhattan’s largest independent comics and cartoon festival. With over 500 exhibiting artists displaying their work, award-winning honorees speaking about their careers and artistic processes and other featured artists conducting workshops, lectures and film screenings, the Fest and the artists exemplify the limitless aesthetic and social power of comics and cartooning. Find more information here.

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