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Museum in Holland,MI. Exhibits ‘Mathias Alten in the Netherlands’

Mathias Alten – Windmill 1910

@ courtesy of the Holland Museum

Fri, Jul 19 - Sat, Oct 19  2019

Holland Museum - Chicago Consulate Region

Earlier this year, Anita M. Gilleo, one of five surviving grandchildren of Mathias Alten, donated nine Alten paintings to the Holland Museum that have not previously been exhibited to the public. Mathias Alten (1871–1938) was a German-American impressionist painter active in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is best known for his land- and seascapes, of which are the highlight of this new collection.

The paintings are from Alten’s time in the Netherlands from 1910-1911. Alten traveled to Scheveningen, a north seashore town in the Netherlands where he painted large work horses and fishing boats with his wife and three daughters. Previously inspired by Hague artists, it was important to Alten to paint iconic Dutch scenes to honor this traditional painting style. His time in Holland inspired paintings of people, homes, canals, seascapes, landscapes and windmills. In addition to the nine newly acquired works, the Museum will have four additional Alten paintings on loan from private collections, including one self-portrait from Ms. Gilleo and three from a private collection in the Netherlands.

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