Netherlands Represented at Seattle International Film Festival

_T_he Netherlands is represented in four films at the Seattle International Film Festival: Afterlife (directed by Willem Bosch), Retrospekt (directed by Esther Rots), Sakawa (directed by Ben Asamoah), and Monos (cinematography by Jasper Wolf).

About Afterlife

Teenaged Sam is the family caretaker after her mother’s death, but when Sam is killed in an accident, she finds her mother waiting in the hereafter and plots to get them both back to the realm of the living in this delightful and meaningful drama.

Screenings on May 22, 25, and 27. Tickets via Seattle International Film Festival.

About Sakawa

Experience the other side of internet dating site scams and the economic ramifications that drive those who participate, seen through the eyes of a group of unemployed Ghanaian youth who defraud Westerners.

Screenings on June 1 and 4. Tickets via Seattle International Film Festival.

About Retrospekt

A nonlinear storyline—resembling the messy memories of the protagonist, who works at a domestic-violence clinic—intensifies this thriller exploring safety and danger, manipulation and sanity, friendship and enabling.

“A truly risky stylistic choice that Rots, in only her second feature, commits to completely, making ‘Retrospekt’ a fascinating experience of cinematic dysphasia.”—Variety

Screenings on May 23, 25, and June 7. Tickets via Seattle International Film Festival.

About Monos

In the mountain jungles of Colombia, eight teenagers, in thrall to a mysterious guerrilla organization, eventually and brutally turn on each other as their last connections to the outside world are broken.

“Overpoweringly tense and deeply mad thriller.”—The Guardian

Screenings on May 17 and 20. Tickets via Seattle International Film Festival.