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New Exhibition At LMAKgallery: Carlos Rigau’s ‘Delusion Through Details’

On February 3, LMAKgallery presents their new exhibition ‘Delusion Through Details’ by Carlos Rigau

Wed, Feb 3 - Sun, Mar 13  2016

LMAKgallery - New York Consulate Region

LMAKgallery presents Carlos Rigau’s exhibition ‘Delusion Through Details’, which opens on February 3 and will be on view until March 13, 2016. While you’re there, don’t forget about the new venture of LMAKgallery on their second floor: LMAKbooks+design.

About ‘Delusion Through Details’

The exhibit by Carlos Rigau features a video sculpture, ‘Discern in Reverse’ that is an amalgamation of two video projections, erratic sound, a three dimensional form, and two handicapped-access bathroom grip bars placed within the exhibit space. The work takes into account the full setting of the space, from its proportion to the perception of the viewer and their interactions, each component emphasizing the process of creation, and destruction, of the work.

The sculpture is built out of Formica walls and platforms, based on the advertising displays created for retail stores. Upon each facing platform wall, Rigau has projected a video work, which is an assemblage and layering of plastic materials being either burned or torn away to reveal a rough-hewn city landscape. Discern in Reverse exists between video and sculpture, as the sculpture becomes a vessel for projection yet remains an integral component on its own. Besides drawing attention to the 360-degree view of the exhibition, Carlos also guides the viewer to a particular location within the space to observe the work by the specific placement of the grip bars as ‘leaning’ posts. Rigau’s work is ceaselessly and obsessively, intrigued by the process of creating imagery and its observation, taking on an almost mystical presence.

About LMAKbooks+design

LMAKbooks+design was born out of an impetus to provide a new platform for art related thinking and writing. It will present design within the realm of the fine arts from artists who develop objects out of their studio practice and designers who are pushing their ideas into the plastic arts. To create a flowing exchange of forms and ideas, LMAKbooks+design will host lively discussions and panels and will highlight new designs thematically every three months. You will find LMAKbooks+design in the second floor as well as a viewing room. The inaugural collection includes the work of ten unique artists and designers, as well as a selection of cerebral gift books that compile the “last interviews” given by some of the 20th century’s most influential thinkers, artists and writers, like Hannah Arendt, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Jacques Derrida, Lou Reed and Kurt Vonnegut published by Brooklynbased Melville House Publishing.

LMAKbooks+design presents in the current exhibition also work from two Dutch artists: byAmt (Alissia Melka-Teichroew) and Nynke Koster. ‘Strap Collection’ is designed by byAMT, a New York-based design studio founded by Franco-American – but born and raised in The Netherlands- designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew. The Strap Collection is a collection of familiar, functional containers, rendered in veg-tan leather which will develop a patina unique to every individual object over time. According to Melka-Teichroew, ‘I try to find the fine line between aesthetics and functional.’

‘Elements of Time’ is designed by Nynke Koster, who studied furniture design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, the Netherlands. Her works seeks to incorporate architecture and architectural history into the practical arts. At LMAKbooks+design one can currently sit on the rubber objects that represent the whimsical series ‘Elements of Time’ at LMAKbooks+design. According to Koster, with the ‘Elements of Time’ series ‘you can sit on a Baroque ceiling, a corner of beautiful ornament from the Jugendstil and so on.’

If you would like to read more about Nynke Koster and her work, HERE is an interview with her we recently added.



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