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New Work by Casper Faassen at AIPAD

“Yuka” by Casper Faassen (Courtesy Ibasho Gallery)

Thu, Apr 4 - Sun, Apr 7  2019

Casper Faassen Shows New Work at the AIPAD Photography Show

During the AIPAD photography fair (April 4-7), Dutch artist Casper Faassen will be showing new work with Ibasho Gallery from Antwerp. In this series, the “Kintsugi” idea plays a central role. It literally means golden repair and teaches that broken objects are not something to hide but display with pride. In Casper’s work, the contrast between beauty and decay materialized through craquelure over subdued images play a central role. He also refers to Dutch 17th century Vanitas paintings where a broken flower symbolizes the temporariness of beauty, and Mono no Aware in Japanese culture where the fleeting of time is greeted with a slight melancholic but moreover thankful feeling.

Besides new work, Casper will be showing work from his exhibition at Japanmuseum Sieboldhuis in Leiden (NL).

Location: Pier 94, Booth 213, open April 4-7 everyday between 2 and 6 pm. Tickets.

Casper Faassen Yuka

“Yuka” 100×150 cm and 50×75 cm, both edition of 7, oil, inkjet and varnish on setasand. Courtesy Ibasho Gallery

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