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New-York Historical Society Presents “Hudson Rising” Exhibition

Robert Havell Jr. (1793–1878), “View of Hudson River from near Sing Sing, New York” (c. 1850)

@ © New-York Historical Society, Purchase, Watson Fund, 1971.14

Fri, Mar 1 - Sun, Aug 4  2019

New-York Historical Society - New York Consulate Region

From March 1st until August 4th, the New-York Historical Society will present the Hudson Rising exhibition at their Museum & Library, detailing the history of the Hudson River and the people living around and using the river ever since the Dutch settled the area in the 1600s.

Hudson Rising explores 200 years of ecological change and environmental activism along “the most interesting river in America” through artifacts, media, and celebrated Hudson River School paintings. The exhibition reflects on how human activity has impacted the river and, in turn, how the river environment has shaped industrial development, commerce, tourism, and environmental awareness. The exhibition also explores how experts in various fields are currently creating ways to restore and re-engineer areas of the river in response to climate change.

Much more than a body of water, the Hudson and its surroundings have been the home for humans and hundreds of species of fish, birds, and plants; offered an escape for city-dwellers; and witnessed battles over the uses of the river valley and its resources. For over 200 years, writers and artists have captured the river in paintings, drawings, literature, and photographs, and surveyors and scientists have mapped and measured its every parcel.

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