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NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) screens 5 Dutch Films

Pig, by Jorn Leeuwerink (2022)

Sat, Dec 3 - Sat, Dec 3  2022

New Filmmakers Los Angeles - San Francisco Consulate Region

On December 3, NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) screens 5 Dutch Films at its InFocus Cinema Program.

Film titles include:

Dir. Emma Branderhorst

During her menstrual period, 15-year-old Ruby does not dare to ask her mother for tampons or pads, because she knows that there is really no money for them. In order not to be a burden to anyone around her, she tries to solve it herself.

Dir. Jorn Leeuwerink

A group of animals hook up a power grid to the socket-shaped snout of a large, sleeping pig. The animals use the pig’s energy for simple things at first, but they are soon dependent on a city where everything is automated…

Dir. Jordi Wijnalda

An all-male foster family tries to enjoy one last morning together, before their unity will be broken by what was inevitable all along.

Dir. Eliane Esther Bots

In Flow of Words follows the narratives of three interpreters of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. They interpreted shocking testimonies from witnesses, victims and perpetrators, without ever allowing their own emotions, feelings and personal histories to be present. Contrary to their position at the tribunal, this film places their voices and experiences center stage.

Dir. Robert-Jonathan Koeyers

A fragmented portrait of a moment, a person, and a place, seen through the subjective memories of a young Black girl, Imani, and a rookie police officer, David, who both have wildly different recollections of the same faithful moment in a corner store that will leave their lives altered forever.

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