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NL=US Gallery at Scope & Art on Paper in Early March

Hans van Bentem, “IMPERIAL STACKS” (2018)

Alexandra Roozen, “Plain Dust” (2018)

Alexandra Roozen, “Plain Dust” (2018)

Thu, Mar 7 - Sun, Mar 10  2019

_F_rom March 7th until 10th, NL=US Art Gallery will feature two solo exhibitions at two art fairs: Hans van Bentem at Scope New York 2019 from March 7th until 10th, and Alexandra Roozen at Art on Paper from March 7th until 10th.

Alexandra Roozen, “Plain Dust” (2018)

Art on paper 2019 – Alexandra Roozen

Alexandra Roozen’s work speaks of experiment, but is also deeply indebted to the tradition of drawing. The artist’s keen awareness of its history, combined with her well-honed technique, leads her to further explore drawing’s possibilities and boundaries. The method of Roozen’s work is based on repetitive structures. Small hand gestures such as dashes, dots, scratches and strokes which the artist repeats endlessly. Herein she is interested in the arrangement of details, in particular the irregularities therein, which disturb the coherence and deprive the logic of the structure. The artist highlights these disturbances by using a mathematical grid. In this way, minimal differences are strengthened and created at the same time new structures. Such fascinating processes seem to continue indefinitely and are emphasized in the drawings by Alexandra Roozen, where no spot on the paper isleft blank.

About Alexandra
Alexandra Roozen (1971) lives and works in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She graduated cum laude from the Art Academy St.Joost and has since received several scholarships from, ao, Mondriaan Fund and Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam. Since 2011 Alexandra Roozen has a teaching position at the Willem de Kooning Art Academy. Her works are regularly exhibited, ao, the Korean Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art (solo, KR), Verbeke Art Foundation (BE), Stedelijk Museum Schiedam (NL), Drawing Centre Diepenheim (solo, NL) and at international art fairs.

Art on Paper
March 7 – 10, 2019 | 299 South Street – Pier 36, Downtown Manhattan
Art on Paper Preview
Thursday, March 7, 2019
6:00pm to 10:00pm

Hans van Bentem, “IMPERIAL STACKS” (2018)

Scope NY 2019 – Hans van Bentem

Hans van Bentem creates monumental sculptures and installations in ceramics, porcelain, crystal, glass, wood and bronze. His crystal CHANDELIERS are well known: they combine classical, high quality craft with sculptural traits and a narrative that fits the design world as well as the art stage. Van Bentem’s quest is to find places all over the world where presently ancient crafts are still being practiced. He likes to realize his ideas together with these studios.

First and foremost Van Bentem does not like to be pinned down. He uses all aspects of the kaleidoscopic cosmos—whether it is art history archetypes, pop culture icons or pure fantasy figures. His vision is always fresh, playful and full of wonder. The work is realistic yet cartoonish, sometimes erotic or tactile, politic yet fairy tale like.

It seems like one big contradictory circus, like life itself. The figments of his imagination never stop to amaze the viewer. In recent years Van Bentem had major shows and works for amongst others the Gemeentemuseum The Hague, Glass Museum Leerdam and Nicola Erni Collection, Zug. He received urban art commissions like Beurspassage Amsterdam and collaborated with Viktor&Rolf, PolsPotten and Baccarat. His work can be found in private and public collections and in several Dutch Ministries and Embassies.

Van Bentem graduated from the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, the Netherlands.
He lives and works in Amsterdam, NL.

Scope New York
March 7 – 10, 2019 | Metropolitan Pavilion
125 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011

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