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“Normal Is Over” by Renée Scheltema

Renée Scheltema directed award-winning feature documentary “Normal Is Over,” which offers various solutions to reverse the path of global decline

Fri, Apr 13 - Sat, Apr 13  2019

Dutch director and photographer Renée Scheltema shot the award-winning feature documentary “Normal Is Over” offering solutions to reverse the path of global decline. The foundation is collaborating with Gathr to set up movie screenings across the United States. You can sign up to organize your own movie night here!

Malawi, eating pigeons in Normal Is Over © Renée Scheltema

About “Normal is Over”

“Normal Is Over” is a compelling and visually rich film that analyzes the big picture of why humans have inadvertently imperiled our planet: climate change, species extinction, the depletion of critical natural resources, and industrial control of our food production. The documentary examines how our economic and financial system connects all these issues, and offers solutions, which could be implemented immediately, from practical everyday fixes to rethinking the overarching myths of our time. Renée Scheltema takes off on a multinational voyage, meeting not only prominent experts, but also everyday citizens who concentrate on matters such as organic agriculture, the banning of plastic, saving species, ecological economics, sustainable architecture, renewable energy, and more. Featuring;

Ostrich on road in Normal Is Over © Renée Scheltema

About Renée Scheltema

Renée Scheltema is a Dutch documentary filmmaker and photographer. After her degree in Criminology at Leiden University, she studied at the University of California in Berkeley. For thirty years, Renée has worked for Dutch television as a director, producer and camera-person. Some of her documentaries, like “Hush, A Portrait of Tracy Payne“, “Seven Days in Burma“, “The Death Penalty“, “Portrait of A Zen Couple“, and “The Bus” were selected at International Film Festivals. Many documentaries were co-productions with TV and the Dutch Non-governmental organization SNV, focusing on sustainable development and the protection of the environment. “Normal is Over” focuses on drama and solutions. As a photographer, Renée has worked for magazines and newspapers in The Netherlands, the US, and South Africa. She was a member of Gamma Liaison in New York, now called Getty Images.

Renée Scheltema portrait © Renée Scheltema

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