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Northside Festival showcases Dutch innovation event on Friday, June 12

On June 12, Northside Festival showcases a Dutch innovation event at Kinfolk 94 to experience what The Netherlands has to offer

Fri, Jun 12 - Fri, Jun 12  2015

Northside Festival will be showcasing Dutch Innovation with the best Amsterdam-based design-savvy entrepreneurs and some of the most promising Dutch startups invited to participate at the Festival. Together with Deputy Mayor of the City of Amsterdam Kajsa Ollogren and succesfull Dutch startups based in NYC, Northside Innovation will celebrate the best the Dutch have to offer in a Show/Tell/Experience at the Northside Dutch Innovation Showcase!

The event is open to all Innovation and Premium badge holders as well as special guests personally invited by the Consulate General of the Netherlands (with RSVP only).

Held at Kinfolk 94 on Friday, June 12 from 5:00-7:00pm, the event will give Northside attendees a chance to experience what The Netherlands has to offer, meet the innovators, interact with activations and enjoy happy hour drinks!

Join us and interact with activations of the following Dutch innovators:

ByBorre – the BB.Suit turns you into a walking air cleaner. It works by incorporating cold plasma technology developed by Squair into a node on the back of the suit.

RotterZwam – is an innovative oyster mushroom farm based in an abandoned tropical swimming pool.

IJsfontein–  creating awareness for educational fun, this interactive media company believes that people are naturally curious and intrinsically motivated to continuously develop themselves.

Lava Lab – is a traveling learning lab, mixing strategy, design and technology. We challenge you to cross boundaries and realiZe new possibilities.

Karma lets you take WiFi everywhere. Pay-as-you-go for data that never expires. No contracts or monthly fees with nationwide coverage on LTE.

3Dhubs– the world’s largest and fastest growing network of 3D printers.

VANMOOF– simplistic striking innovative Dutch bikes so smooth that they fit your demanding cool-factor and yet so functional they make you go to work whistling.

Rocki turns your stereo hifi, car, boombox, clock radio or home theater into a wireless music system.

Listen to 1-minute pitches of some of the Netherlands’ most promising startups:

Eviate –  eTag is a digital baggage label tracking your luggage, and  lets you check-in at home and skip queues at the airport, making  your trip predictable and fast.

MADS – a real-time supply-side (RTB) platform helps publishers delivers the most relevant advertising to their audiences via automated trading.

Looklive– is a proprietary technology that supports identifying physical products (apparel, shoes and accessories) that appear on TV shows, celebrities and in music videos.

Leviy– is an application that disrupts the work floor management of janitorial services and institutional cleaning.

Ilost–  is the platform  for  lost and found products.

Yippie– helps people make better buying decisions. Yippie! compares every product you see on your screen automatically.

Printr– offers three products to the market all targeted at making 3D printing easier for the end user: An intuitive USB device, A built-in hardware module, and an all-inclusive platform.

We Make VR – creates Virtual Reality experiences, software and hardware, and utilizes VR in ways that bring people joy, help them learn, experience amazing new things, capture and relive fond memories.

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