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OneMoreGallery presents Pop Up Art Event Pondering Earth

June 12: OneMoreGallery presents Pop Up Art Event ‘Pondering Earth’

Sun, Jun 12 - Sun, Jun 12  2016

Dutch gallery owner Zjef van Bezouw is the owner of the in Manhattan based OneMoreGallery, where he exhibitis art works that ”Burn onto your retina”. On June 12, he organizes the Pop Up Art Event ‘Pondering Earth‘ from 5 – 8 pm on the Rooftop Lounge of The Dylan, where the work of artist Paul Suepat is exhibited. Throughout the summer, more events will take place at OneMoreGallery, with its marquee event ‘Art Event’ in August, which concludes a whole week of art exhibitions in the Lower East Side. 

About Zjef van Bezouw

Zjef van Bezouw curates distinctive OneMoreGallery Events and Art Tours with a modern aesthetic, cultivated during his years as a gallery owner, mix media artist, event designer and art director. As an artist, Zjef’s journey began as a successful Theatre Designer, with a specialization in stage and costume including cutting edge Shoe design.  He expanded his artistic offerings by creating theatrical Events to showcase his work. Moving to mixed media art, he soon became “in demand” to create theatrical and artistic Events for commercial product launches, film festivals and art fairs across Europe. Throughout this journey, Zjef found inspiration in discovering and creating excitement around emerging artists and showcasing their talents. Inspired by New York’s vibrant art scene, Zjef arrived in the US from his native Netherlands in 2011. Most recently as a partner in Gallery Brooklyn he uncovered new talent across a wide range of mediums. Today he brings this passion for emerging contemporary artists to OneMoreGallery.

“I’m passionate about discovering new artists and showing their most riveting work – art that will “burn onto your retina”. 

About OneMoreGallery

OneMoreGallery is committed to create unique platforms and special events for artists to showcase their work to new audiences. OneMoreGallery is all about creating memorable interactions by exhibiting emerging contemporary artists.

About Paul Suepat

Paul Suepat explores his art in captivating two and three dimensional works using Mixed Media where “nature” is a common inspiration. He created a mixture of sculptures, light sculptures, drawings and paintings to research the relationship between man and earth.

Courtesy of Paul Suepat


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