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Online premiere of dance performance ‘The Great Escape’ by David Middendorp i.h.o. King’s Day

Two dancers perform a choreography by David Middendorp named The Great Escape, featuring hand gestures and visuals of hands

@ The Great Escape / David Middendorp/ Another Kind of Blue

Tue, Apr 27 - Wed, Apr 28  2021

Exclusive dance performance presented online: ‘The Great Escape’ by Dutch choreographer David Middendorp

In honor of the Dutch national holiday King’s Day (April 27th), our network of foreign missions abroad, is sharing an exclusive, online premiere of the registration of a brand new dance performance by Dutch choreographer David Middendorp, titled ‘The Great Escape’. In this video  of 3.24 minutes, dance and technology form a symbiosis. It shows the interplay between two dancers and two large, animated hands. In their own way, the dancers show how hands can effectuate or counter our liberation. A dynamic and thrilling journey.

The Great Escape / David Middendorp

Every person has his own authentic choreography of hand movements with which he expresses emotions. Busy, large repetitive movements in a state of enthusiasm or smaller, more restrained movements in case of discomfort or seriousness. Hands tell a story, they give people space or hold people in their grip.

In The Great Escape the interplay between dancers and hands is central and the dancers will be influenced by ‘’the hand language movement’’ of the life-size animated hands. The Great Escape is a continuation of Another Kind of Blue’s earlier production HandsON, a unique dance performance that is partly performed in virtual reality, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. HandsON, a unique dance performance that is partly performed in virtual reality, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Another Kind of Blue’s motion capture system can track the hand choreographies that Middendorp has created and can be incorporated in three-dimensional objects that move with and around the dancers.

The video will be available for viewing today by following this link.

Creative Team:


Aya Misaki and Richèl Wieles


David Middendorp in cooperation with the dancers


Another Kind of Blue and Mathijs Brussaard – Dutch Tilt Studios


Patrick Watson – The Great Escape


Cinderella’s Specialties


Hans Brouwer


Lisa Boere

DutchCulture USA