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Open House at Old Dutch Parsonage and Talk on “Rutgers & Princeton in Colonial New Jersey”

Sat, Nov 2 - Wed, Oct 2  2019

Old Dutch Parsonage - New York Consulate Region

On the 2nd of November, Wallace House and the Old Dutch Parsonage will host “Revolutionary Rivals: Rutgers & Princeton in Colonial New Jersey”. This event is part of 150 College Football. Rutgers is the birthplace of college football and the Old Dutch Parsonage is the birthplace of Rutgers. Long before Rutgers and Princeton met in the first college football game they already shared a deep history rooted in New Jersey and the American Revolution. The event will consist of an open house at the Old Dutch Parsonage and a talk on the historical interpretation of the shared history of Queen’s College, today Rutgers – The State University of New Jersey,  founded by the Dutch Reformed and the College of New Jersey, today Princeton University, founded by Scottish Presbyterians.



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