OS ∆ OOS at the Collective Design’s 2015 fair

13 May 2015 — 17 May 2015
550 Washington Street, New York, NY, United States New York City, New York

OS ∆ OOS  at the Collective Design Fair 2015

From May 13-17, 2015 Studio OS ∆ OOS will be onsite throughout the Collective Design’s 2015 fair to demonstrate the remarkable capabilities of the technology of ‘Mono-Lights’ in an installation that takes full advantage of a constructed interior, with lights extending from the floor, ceiling, and walls of the industrial Skylight Clarkson Sq space.

Mono-lights by OS Δ OOS takes on this task and presents a methodology where one material combines multi-functionality with a clear monolithic aesthetic. The Mono-lights are an extension of the uni-body fluorescent tubes, updated with the latest technology in the field of LED lighting. The structural elements have become an extension of the tubes themselves, with the added function of being completely flexible; yielding themselves to the possibilities of being bent and contorted to fix into any situation. The mono-light installations utilize all the surfaces of the interior, for they have the ability to touch the floor, ceiling, and walls all at the same time. A simple connection allows for the installation to be changed at will as well as pulling on the hanging loops from the ceiling will also immediately change the composition.

About OS ∆ OOS

OS ∆ OOS is a design studio for small objects to larger spatial concepts; Studio OS ∆ OOS tries to find the balance between form, material and their relation to the surroundings and the user. For it is the constant search to find the essence in the complex that drives them, taking an initial concept and working it into an object that conveys only what is meant to.
The majority of work borders the line of design (in the industrial/ functionality sense) and autonomous objects; best described as contemporary objects derived from concept, yet rationalized to give them purpose. We feel it is very important that the objects are able to show a clear form language and without prior knowledge of the concept behind them it should be able to communicate, not only in it’s physical form but also in the manner it is to be used.

The concept is always their starting point for any new project, much effort goes into this stage to build up a rational reason for the projects existence, it has become one of their major goals and motivation to try and divert the urge to produce works only for the sake of making new work.

The conclusion of these efforts results in neither a product nor pure artistic expression but a culmination of the both. A product where art=industry.


Oskar Peet (NL/CAN) and Sophie Mensen (NL) are both graduates of the Design Academy Eindhoven (2009), and started the firm OS ∆ OOS in the Autumn off 2011. Both live and work currently in the city of Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

About Collective Design

Collective Design engages a diverse range of voices and expertise from around the world to present a compelling vision of design throughout the 20th century and today. It is guided by its founder, architect Steven Learner, and a passionate group of industry leaders, including designers, architects, gallerists, and collectors. Active in the creative community throughout the year, Collective Design focuses its shared knowledge in an annual fair in New York City that showcases the latest in design thinking and innovation.

The annual Collective Design fair is a commercial and educational platform featuring expertly selected works from a global roster of established and emerging galleries. Presented in a new, unexpected location each year, Collective Design cultivates a spirit of discovery that appeals to both avid patrons and those new to collectible design. The fair has leveraged the city’s energy to become a vital part of New York’s cultural calendar.

Collective Design is dedicated to exploring the significance of design across creative disciplines and everyday life. Through its annual fair, Collective Design illuminates both the design process and the diversity of today’s material culture, originating a robust series of conversations and education programs to foster dialogue, encourage the exchange of ideas, and build a growing audience for collectible design.