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Philippe Lemm Trio U.S. Tour Dates 2019

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Wed, Jan 16 - Fri, Mar 15  2019

Winnies Jazz Bar - New York Consulate Region

_T_he Philippe Lemm Trio is back in the USA in the New Year of 2019 with an exciting itinerary filled with jazzy gigs. In 2017 the trio released their debut album “New Amsterdam” with which they showed to fit right in with the New York jazz scene, since then the trio has been prominently featured on America’s East Coast. Want to catch a show of the band in the New Year? Check the full schedule below!

Philippe Lemm Trio

The Philippe Lemm Trio, comprised of Dutch drummer Philippe Lemm and American pianist and bassist Angelo Di Loreto and Jeff Koch, respectively, houses a dynamically creative, exciting, and fresh sound, spanning multiple influences from all of its members. The trio won the International B-Jazz competition in 2015 and the group’s performance of Di Loreto’s original composition “Salt Road” earned an ASCAP Jazz Composer Award in 2013.

The three musicians met during their master’s degree at Manhattan School of Music in 2011, where they quickly realized that they had an undeniable musical chemistry and understanding of each other’s musical personalities. They began performing together in and out of the school, and eventually did a residency at the newly-formed True School of Music in Mumbai, India in August- December 2013, where they taught, gave masterclasses, and toured with Bollywood music star Shilpa Rao.

Musically, the group’s sound draws influences from the classical, jazz, and prog rock idioms, to name a few. Their sound is captivating and exciting, and always strives to be fresh, original, and moving. This also shows from their debut album “New Amsterdam”, which they released last year.

Full Tour Schedule

01.16 | Lagniappe | Miami, FL

02.20| Winnies Jazz | New York, NY

02.22 | Palace Theater | Waterbury, CT

03.14 | Bop Shop | Rochester, NY

03.15 | Pausa Art House | Buffalo, NY

03.16 | The Jazz Room | Waterloo, ON (Canada)

03.17 | The Rex Hotel | Toronto, ON (Canada)

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