Pinar&Viola exhibiting project at the New Museum

22 February 2014 — 22 February 2014
235 Bowery, New York, NY New York City, New York

Dutch artists and trend-forecasters Pinar&Viola are creating an installation for the New Museum. Pinar&Viola are settin up a customizable, interactive smoking room, during an event dedicated to the E-cigarette, part of the Rhizome lecture series. They have been interested for a long time in the future of vaping. In a column for Dazed&Confused they elaborate on their fascination for ‘e-cigs’.  

The Rhizome is a series of lectures by the New Museum dedicated to art and ideas that create richer and more critical technology cultures. With this program, they aim to continue to examine influential, technological objects from interdisciplinary points of view, in the context of artistic research practice.

Rhizome has commissioned a group of artists and critics to present analyses—historical, political, social, anticipatory—of the ‘culture of e-ciggs’ (The Electronic Nicotine Delivery Device (ENDD)) and the discursive field that is emerging around it. Day by day, the broader public is learning (and contesting) what it means to “vape”: how one does it, where one can do it, and what it means to do so.

This is the ENDD: The E-Cigarette in Context” takes place on February 22 at the New Museum.