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PlantsOnPink by Lotte van Baalen at NYCxDESIGN

Lotte presents an interactive installation at WantedDesign Brooklyn, during NYCxDESIGN, staged by Visual Magnetics.

Sat, May 7 - Mon, May 16  2016

WantedDesign at Industry City

With a cult following of more than 30k, PlantsOnPink, gained huge popularity on Instagram. Lotte van Baalen exhibits at Wanted Design, during NYCxDESIGN, staged by Visual Magnetics, from May 7 until 16. Next to that, all plant and design enthusiasts are welcome to join the side-event: Visual Magnetics X the Sill on May 15, at Industry City in Brooklyn. Lotte will feature in this event, next to Huy Bui of Plant In City, and plant and design enthusiasts of NYC.

About PlantsOnPink

PlantsOnPink has quickly become an Instagram game-changer, with a signature point of view: stunning shots of plants photographed against varying shades of pink. With a cult following of over 28k, thoughtful curation brings cohesiveness to images submitted from around the world. This May, Visual Magnetics will collaborate with the account’s founder, Lotte van Baalen, on an installation to be unveiled at WantedDesign Brooklyn 2016, during NYCxDESIGN. The installation, to be housed at Industry City, will bring @PlantsOnPink to life on it’s largest scale yet, allowing the account to materialize beyond the digital realm. 

Courtesy of Lotte van Baalen – Instagram PlantsOnPink 2016

Lotte says she has always been drawn to the prints and patterns, but became especially drawn to pink and green sometime last year. “I studied it and I saw it more often,” she says. “One day I rode my bike and saw plants against a pink wall and then I knew: PlantsOnPink.” I felt an uncontrollable urge to share it with the rest of the world, and immediately knew that this was going to be such a fun project. I also knew that PlantsOnPink would be aesthetically pleasing, I could’ve never predicted that it would explode so rapidly. Within a month I had 1000 followers, and in six months I had reached 10k. I am truly grateful.”

Courtesy of Lotte van Baalen – Instagram PlantsOnPink 2016

About Lotte van Baalen

Lotte van Baalen is a Dutch artist who is inspired by great colors, and expertly created a gallery of images that is instantly recognizable. In the year since her account’s creation, her showcase of a range of pink shades and varied flora, draws dozens of submissions a day to be a part of the brand’s online voice. 

“Inspiration hits me everywhere; when I read, visit a museum, when I’m mixing and matching outfits, or hanging out with my crew. But mostly during what seems to be not so inspirational activities; while hanging laundry to dry, breaking a sweat in a spin class, or during that magical time when I’m no longer sleeping but not quite awake yet; I am very much aligned with my creativity.”

Courtesy of Lotte van Baalen – Instagram PlantsOnPink 2016

About Visual Magnetics

Visual Magnetics is a materials innovation company focused on transformative, magnetic surface design for walls. Visual Magnetics’ unique magnetic wide-format materials can be used in a multitude of applications, each custom-designed, printed, and easily adaptable.

”Visual Magnetics is the perfect partner; they provide such innovative material that is not only functional in use but also very beautiful. It made me rethink the entire concept of a wall; how I am surrounded by so many plain white walls, which are actually all enormous canvasses in a way.”

About Wanted Design

With its marquee events during NYCxDESIGN in May, WantedDesign is a platform dedicated to promoting design and fostering the international creative community at large throughout the year. Founded in New York City in 2011 by Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat, WantedDesign has established itself as a constant and staunch supporter of U.S. and international design via events, conversations, and partners and its yearly programming aims to nurture New York City’s design dialogue.

”To have @PlantsOnPink coming to life on such a large scale, so that it’s finally tangible, is really a dream come true. I’m incredibly excited about showing at Design Week, a great place for my first exhibition. Who would’ve guessed that within a year of starting the project that I would have the opportunity to go to New York?! Í feel blessed.”


NYCxDESIGN, New York City’s official citywide celebration of design will return Tuesday, May 3rd – Tuesday, May 17th. Spanning all disciplines of design, NYCxDESIGN creates a collaborative platform for cultural and commercial opportunities, elevates established and emerging design practices and increases awareness of and appreciation for design by all audiences.



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