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Priveekollektie @ The Salon Art + Design NY

Nov 8-12 Priveekollektie will feature Richard Hutten and Reinier Bosch @ The Salon Art + Design in NY

Thu, Nov 8 - Mon, Nov 12  2018

Park Avenue Armory - New York Consulate Region

The Netherlands-based gallery Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design will be participating for the 5th time at The Salon Art + Design in New York with Dutch Designers Carolina Wilcke, Reinier Bosch, Richard Hutten, and the Dutch design duo Kranen/Gille. The Salon Art + Design will take place at the Park Avenue Armory in New York from November 8th-12th.

Every November, the New York based artfair The Salon Art + Design welcomes the world’s finest international galleries exhibiting historical, modern and contemporary furniture, groundbreaking design and late 19th through 21st century art. The Salon features 56 of the world’s most influential galleries in art, architecture, design and is curated on the premise that collectors and designers insist on a vibrant, uncommon array of styles, materials, and periods as long as the quality is impeccable.

Visitors will find classic designs by the great international 20th century masters, as well as creative works by today’s most innovative young artists. From classic and abstract antiquities to Art Nouveau, Deco, Mid Century Modern and the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s culminating in the latest work of emerging masters, The Salon showcases global material for every taste.

The Netherlands-based contemporary art gallery Priveekollektie and will present a selection of new works by national and international artists and designers in booth A22. Find more information on the featured Dutch designers and artworks below. 

Carolina Wilcke

Carolina Wilcke‘s new dressing table, “Toile,” offers multiple layers of homage to femininity. The Dutch Designer believes women should not be afraid to look, be, or behave feminine. The title, “Toile,” reflects the word’s origins, originally meaning cloth or textile and evolving through the centuries to dressing up, washing oneself, attending to one’s appearance, dressing room, to its current meaning today. The mirror’s shape is inspired by an old oval and pink mirror found in her parent’s house which belonged to her grandfather, a men’s hairdresser in the 30’s and 40’s in the working-class district of Amsterdam. Her grandfather later became a hair stylist for women, the piece fondly reminisces about her grandmother’s modelling for hairdressing competitions.

Toile | Carolina Wilcke | 2018 | 8 + 1AP + 1P | Diverse | 120 x 146 x 175 cm

© Priveekollektie


“As a three-dimensional painting it gives the space atmosphere and warmth.”  – Carolina Wilcke

Carolina Wilcke is fascinated by the interface between function and decoration. Art is functional, it can make you happy, or serve as a decor for a room. On the other hand, appliances and utensils can also be used as art. In Tafelgenoten, a series of tableware, these two qualities come together and compliment each other. ”The context or situation in which they are placed gives them meaning. Everyone can think of something else to do with these products, they stimulate the fantasy.”

Carolina Wilcke, esthete and artisan, works in an intuitive way and with different materials, crafts and techniques. She designs everything from jewelry to tableware and furniture. Products are for her not only functional objects, but they are also objects between which we live, they are our companions. “They should have an own identity and make us feel at home”.

© Priveekollektie

Reinier Bosch

“The Melting Series,” by young Dutch designer Reinier Bosch, is a family of bronze design objects that appear to melt. Models are made of wax, which are then casted in bronze. The objects are made as one piece, finished highly polished. Important in this process is the fluidity of the material and the love that is poured into the piece by both craftsmen and designer. Bosch shows a very dynamic approach to his designs: he likes to stop and capture moments that usually unravel in time. Even as static objects, they give impressions of movement.

Dew | The Melting Series |  Reinier Bosch | 2017, 8 + 2 AP + 1 P | Bronze | 157 x 50 x 74 cm

© Priveekollektie


Reinier Bosch’s works are inspired by photographic reality both in his native Netherlands and abroad. He observes life in different cultures and translates what he experiences into his creative process. His works are layered, in the composition and arrangement of materials, but also in the stories they tell. The use of common materials and a reference to everyday life is characteristic of his work. At the core of Reinier Bosch’s work is the notion that the universe exists as pure energy.

© Priveekollektie

Richard Hutten

Richard Hutten reinvents traditional oriental carpets in his series, “Playing with Tradition.” Using an antique Persian carpet as inspiration, Hutten designs new carpets to bridge between the old and the new, east meets west. Stretching the carpet’s design at certain points while maintaining elements of its distinct original features, this contemporary textile has unique patterns that juxtapose the modern within the vintage.

Playing With Tradition | Black & White | Richard Hutten | 2011 | Limited edition, 7 + 1 AP  | Handknotted woollen, silk rug | 300 x 400 cm

© Priveekollektie


“For many years I had the idea to do something with traditional oriental carpets. I have an antique Persian carpet at my home, which I still find the best carpets to have. The idea behind the carpet was to build a bridge between the old and the new, east meets west. From this starting point, I looked at various ways to give a reinterpretation. I came up with the idea to stretch the carpet at a certain point. I found out it’s very important where to start the stretching. On the traditional side I kept the fringes, on the contemporary side I made a clear cut.” – Richard Hutten


The work of Kranen/Gille reflects them as persons. A strong personal touch and character would be the best way to describe the objects they design. Always based upon craftsmanship, techniques old and new and never making their story too big makes Kranen/Gille what they are, but don’t be mistaken by the sight of a lovely mountain view in the back of one of their A “…” Chairs, for there is always a hidden layer. Inspired by abandoned places, industrialisation, factory and craftsmanship processes they are constantly renewing themselves in order to express their feeling towards functionality.

Plant Lamp | Kranen/Gille | 2018 | Limited edition | Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design

© Priveekollektie


After graduating at Design Academy Eindhoven in 2004 both Kranen and Gille, who found recognition in each other’s work, initially went their own way. When the two met again in 2006 they started working on a project to be shown at 2007’s Salone Del Mobile in Milan “The Von Trapp Dining Room” a series of products inspired on Tiroler volkskunst. After this presentation Kranen/Gille came to life as a studio, working on follow up projects to be shown at fairs such as Design Miami and PAD London. As time passed Kranen/Gille started working more and more with consumer brands, realising accessible products in order to spread their vision on aesthetics. They never stopped exploring the haute couture side of the design spectrum though, resulting in intriguing projects for museums and galleries.

© Priveekollektie

About Priveekollektie Contemporary Art | Design

Priveekollektie represents internationally recognized artists and designers, and  provides young and upcoming talents with a platform for showing their exceptional  collectable design and art pieces. Key in the collection is the combination of contemporary art and collectable design and the crossing of the fine line between both disciplines.

Before opening the gallery in 2006, Irving and Miriam van Dijk avidly collected art and design. Their personal approach, knowledge and taste has developed one of the leading galleries for collectible design in Europe, with exceptional exhibitions and participations in renowned international fairs in Paris, Basel, Miami, London and New York for both contemporary art and design.

Opening Hours The Salon Art + Design

  • Friday, November 9, 11am – 8pm
  • Saturday, November 10, 11am – 7pm
  • Sunday, November 11, 11am – 7pm
  • Monday, November 12, 11am – 5pm

Park Avenue Armory
643 Park Avenue
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Priveekollektie – Booth A22

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