Rademakers Gallery debut at Design Miami with Rotganzen presentation

1 December 2022 — 4 December 2022
Meridian Avenue & 19th Street, Miami Beach Miami Beach
#design #visual-art

Rademakers Gallery will make its debut at Design Miami (booth C11) from December 1-4, 2022 with a presentation of new work by Rotganzen.

Much of Rotganzen’s inspiration comes from the USA. Here, creating icons out of everyday objects, and referencing those icons in art and design, is a unique part of the cultural fabric. As an homage to this inspiration, Rotganzen has – exclusively for Design Miami – created a series of Quelle Fête sculptural pieces honoring American design, manufacturing, and industry, as well as popular sports and food.

Rotganzen, Le Galeriste, 2022. Courtesy of Rademakers Gallery

About Rotganzen

Rotganzen (2009) is a Dutch art collective in the tradition of American Pop Art and the Italian Radical Design movement. Rotganzen bridges art and design, and finds inspiration in daily life and popular culture. By changing the appearance and context of everyday objects and products, they create work full of contrast and surprise, visually as well as conceptually. Their intricate use of color and choice of materials stand in clear contrast with the simplicity of their design language.

Rotganzen, Quelle Basket, 2022. Courtesy of Rademakers Gallery

About Quelle Fête by Rotganzen

Quelle Fête by Rotganzen is a playful representation of past glory and a melancholic reminder of the glamour nights in clubs like Studio 54, Paradise Garage and The Roxy. It is also a very visual metaphor of times gone by and the loss of imagined innocence. Painstakingly handmade in the Rotganzen studio, and released only in limited editions or exclusive originals, Quelle Fête is currently one of the most coveted collector’s series around.

Rotganzen, Le Designer Charles, 2022. Courtesy of Rademakers Gallery

About Rademakers Gallery

Founded in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 2007, Rademakers Gallery is a contemporary gallery that presents artworks by renowned as well as emerging artists at the interface of art, design, fashion and jewellery. Female Artists and Sustainability are our two major pillars. Rademakers Gallery emphasizes on ‘crossovers’ between the artistic disciplines, which is perfectly executed in every exhibition and show that Rademakers composes.

Rademakers Gallery participates in national and international fairs: Art Rotterdam, PAD Paris, Design Basel, Enter Art Fair Copenhagen, PAN Amsterdam and Design Miami.

Rotganzen, Le Designer Ray, 2022. Courtesy of Rademakers Gallery