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Ravesteijn Gallery and Reflex Gallery at The Photography Show

@ Installation view of ‘Exclamation Mark’ at The Ravestijn Gallery, showing work by Salim Bayri (left) and a triptych by Theis Wendt (right).

Thu, Mar 30 - Sun, Apr 2  2023

This year’s Photography Show, organized by The Association of International Photography Art (AIPAD), showcases work by the Amsterdam-based Ravenstijn Gallery and Reflex Gallery. The Ravenstijn Gallery focuses on inquisitive and provocative approaches to contemporary photography. Reflex Gallery specializes in limited editions of books, prints, in close collaboration with the artists.

About The Association of International Photography Art (AIPAD)

The Association of International Photography Art Dealers encourages public support of fine art photography by acting as a collective voice for the dealers in fine art photography and through communication and education that enhances the confidence of the public, museums, institutions and others in responsible fine art photography dealers.

About the Ravenstijn Gallery

The Ravestijn Gallery was founded in Amsterdam in 2012 by Jasper Bode and Narda Van ’t Veer with a focus on inquisitive and provocative approaches to contemporary photography. Bode and Van ’t Veer respectively bring together several decades of experience curating photography exhibitions and representing a diverse group of photographic talents in the Netherlands and abroad.

About the Reflex Gallery

Reflex Amsterdam represents over 30 contemporary artists. Alongside its six annual exhibitions, the gallery is specialized in producing books, prints, and exclusive limited editions in close collaboration with its artists. The second space, Reflex, the Residence functions as a private showroom, gallery, artist’s temporary home, library, and meeting space for collectors to gain inspiration for their collections in our innovative house of art. Finally, the gallery provides tailored guidance to private and public collectors to build substantial and international art collections, offering a range of services from curatorial advice to supporting the creation of entire interiors according to collectors’ wishes. Founded as a family business in 1986, Reflex Amsterdam has built a new program attracting a range of international artists since 2003. The second space officially opened on October 2, 2021, in conjunction with Michael Craig-Martin’s solo exhibition, All Things Considered.



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