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Re-opening of Treetent by Dré Wapenaar

Dré Wapenaar, Treetent, 2005. Canvas, wood, powdered coated steel, ed. 2. 240 x 96 x 96 inches. Photo by Shaun Alvey.

Thu, Oct 10 - Thu, Oct 10  2019

Laumeier Sculpture Park - Chicago Consulate Region

Dré Wapenaar is a Dutch artist who creates sculptures in tent-like constructions. In 2012, his sculpture Treetent was part of the exhibition Camp Out: Finding Home in an Unstable World. Now, on October 10, the work will be re-opened after renovation.

About Treetent

Dutch artist Dré Wapenaar turns the traditional, wholesome experience of camping on its head with his futuristic Treetent (2005), which has entered Laumeier’s collection. Instead of the quintessential pop-up tents used in camping grounds, Wapenaar’s teardrop-shaped structure attaches to a tree and resembles a bug’s pod.


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