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Recap Sophie Hardeman @ New York Fashion Week

Hardeman Unveils Its Biggest Collection Yet at CFDA’s NYFW on Sept 9th, 2018

Sun, Sep 9 - Sun, Sep 9  2018

Dutch designer Sophie Hardeman calls for consciousness about safe sex and consent with SS19 Collection “Sprung Flung.”

Sophie Hardeman returned to New York Fashion Week with her sixth collection to steal national and international spotlights with her particular style of playful innocence. DutchCultureUSA had the pleasure of attending Hardeman’s new collection reveal at Crossing Art, NY. In addition to the presentation of Hardeman’s newest offerings, a limited release of Hardeman’s newly-launched secondary line, Happy Hardeman (which debuted at Paris Fashion Week in June) was available on-site. Guests were also able to enjoy a surprise musical performance in the spirit of promoting safe sex. 

Hardeman SS19 “SPRUNG FLUNG” 

About the Collection

HARDEMAN uses denim to break all conventions, the Amsterdam-based brand takes everybody’s favorite material and transforms it into deconstructed, gender-fluid clothing that couldn’t be further from old-fashioned jeans. For the Spring/Summer 2019 Season, Hardeman took a social message about Safe Sex and Consent to New York Fashion Week, with their newest collection “Sprung Flung.”

In true Hardeman style, the new SS19 collection keeps things “cheeky” in both a metaphorical and literal sense while flirting with the sun – presenting you with tropically flavored denim. Hardeman’s new collection includes knotted tops, wavy and swirling seams, miniskirts, low cutouts and much more.

Hardeman SS19 “SPRUNG FLUNG” 

About Hardeman

Hardeman is an Amsterdam-based denim brand by Creative Director Sophie Hardeman, who was recently honored by Forbes EU on their 2018 “30 Under 30” list. Sophie Hardeman graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 2015. Almost immediately after, Hardeman launched her own brand and demonstrated her first “Out of the Blue” collection at New York Fashion week that same year. Sophie and her namesake brand Hardeman have been deconstructing all that is normal about denim since Hardeman’s inception. This season marks Hardeman’s sixth collection and third year in business, punctuated by the launch of their secondary line, Happy Hardeman. Never boring, always sexy and slightly side of center, Hardeman is humorous, polarizing, and magnetic – as proven by those who wear it: fashion-forward style icons such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Kali Uchis. 

Dutch Designer Sophie Hardeman (right) 

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