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Remy Jungerman |at ISCP New York

From January 1st until December 31st, Remy Jungerman will be in residence at ISCP

Mon, Jan 1 - Mon, Dec 31  2018

From January 1st until December 31st, sculptor and mixed-media artist Remy Jungerman will be a resident at The International Studio & Curational Program (ISCP), Brooklyn, NY. This one-year residency is supported by the Mondriaan Fund of the Netherlands. Take a look at ISCP’s mix of international contemporary art on April 27th and 29th during Spring Open Studios.

Remy Jungerman, Transition Obeach, 2013. Courtesy of the artist. Photo by Aatjan Renders

About Remy Jungerman

Remy Jungerman (1959) was born in Moengo, Suriname and has lived in Amsterdam since 1990. His most recent work is intrinsically related to his Surinamese origins and is centered on global citizenship in today’s society. Jungerman uses collages, sculptures and installations to show cultural critique(s) of the local and the global, the internal and the external. Traditional materials and objects are placed in different contexts that challenge the established notions of their representation within Western society. Jungerman gets his inspiration from Afro-religious elements of the traditional Maroon culture in Suriname and the Diaspora. At the same time, he is also inspired by Western trends in art and modern communication technology.

Remy Jungerman at work in his ISCP studio, 2018

Read a DutchCultureUSA interview (2015) with Remy Jungerman here.

About ISCP

The International Studio & Curatorial Program supports the creative development of artists and curators, and promotes exchange through residencies and public programs. ISCP organizes exhibitions, events and offsite projects, which are free and open to all, sustaining a vibrant community of contemporary art practitioners and diverse audiences. With an International Residency Program and Ground Floor Program for New York City-based artists, ISCP strives to establish a global network of exemplary artists and curators. Tailored for professional growth, the programs serve as an active mediator, creating visibility and immersion for all of its residents in New York City. ISCP’s programming is conceived to facilitate dialogue and collaboration.

Remy Jungerman


April 27th & 28th | Spring Open Studios | ISCP, 1040 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

May 8th, 6:30pm – 8pm | Artist Talk “Brooklyn Commons” with Haim Steinbach and Remy Jungerman | ISCP, 1040 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

October 26th – December 21st | “Based in” Exhibition | robert henry contemporary

November 10th & 11th | Fall Open Studios | ISCP, 1040 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

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