Richard Koek installation at Photoville

19 September 2013 — 29 September 2013
Brooklyn Bridge Park, Furman Street, Brooklyn, NY Northeast, New York City

Photoville will be presenting Richard Koek‘s 130 feet wide installation of “West 13th Street, Manhattan”. In Koek’s City’s Heartbeat you are forced to move your eyes, to be a film projector of his untruthful moment in time. Like in a 19th century panorama painting experiencing, an event in motion. Creating the illusion of a fluid passage of a stretch of time. Embracing happenings in the past, the present and the future’s promise. Seemingly without a beginning and an end.

Like a Buddhist universe that goes through repeated cycles of creation, cycles of human breathing rhythmatically coinciding with the pace of a city’s heartbeat.

The production of this installation has been made possible by generous support from Joanna Jarmoc, Douglas Harris, Bill Van Parys and Wendy McCullouch.

Born in The Netherlands and raised by an Argentinian mother, Richard Koek decided to exchange his native Amsterdam for New York City.

He has steadily gained ground in the American scene with assignments for publications such as The New York Review of Books, Interview Magazine and Stern Magazine.