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Rick Tegelaar residency at Industry City/WantedDesign 

@ Image: Courtesy of Rick Tegelaar

Mon, May 8 - Fri, Jun 2  2023

WantedDesign at Industry City

Dutch designer Rick Tegelaar will participate in the design residency program at Industry City by WantedDesign. Rick’s work is on the frontier of material (re)development and engineering techniques but always with a delicate sense of aesthetics. His iconic designs embrace undervalued materials with a complete new technical approach. Read more here.

About the artist

Fascinated by machinery, committed to product design and with a keen eye on aesthetics, Rick is able to turn mind-blowing innovations into a commercial reality. This multitalented approach together with a common sense of responsibility for the circular economy, often result in meaningful collaborations with the R&D and Design departments of respected international brands in the fields of fashion, retail, interior and product design.

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