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Roma Pas Exhibits With Trading Places At The Flat Iron Gallery

From July 22 – 30 Trading Places Is Exhibited In The Flat Iron Gallery

Fri, Jul 22 - Sat, Jul 30  2016

From July 22 until July 30 the designer Roma Pas will exhibit with his ‘Trading Places’ at the Flat Iron Gallery in New York, and is curated by Jacquelyn Strycker.

About Trading Places

A trade can refer to a transaction or to one’s craft. In that sense trading is both exchanging and making. Trading Places, an exhibition of works by members of the SVA MFA Art Practice Class of 2017, considers how interchange and labor impact place. The artists contemplate the influence of migration, transition, memory and reciprocity on our environments. Other participants in this exhibition are:

Sarah Brewington | Kyle Browne | Todd Hainline | Tzirel Kaminetzky | Connor Kelly | Monika Lin | Qinmin Liu | Benjamin Quesnel | Dee Solin | Christine Stiver | Nancy Gruver Van Wagoner

About Roma Pas

Tracing what seems to be a timeline of our varied modes of communication, artist Roma Pas works in a variety of media, ranging from clay to computer software, mixing traditional materials with contemporary electronic and digital culture and breaking down new forms of media to show their underlying components. Her work illustrates how electronic representations of reality at times tend to replace the real ones, forcing metaphorical connections between them and yet also yearning for the actual.

About the Flat Iron Gallery

The Flatiron Gallery is SVA’s campus gallery in Flatiron. Located at street level at 133/141 West 21 Street, it offers matriculated students a fully equipped venue in which to exhibit their work, either as part of a department-organized show, or by applying to the Office of SVA Galleries.

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