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RotterZwam at Northside Festival Innovation Expo

Dutch startup RotterZwam will be present at Northside Festival’s Innovation Expo

Thu, Jun 11 - Fri, Jun 12  2015

Northside Innovation Expo - New York Consulate Region

Learn all about Dutch startup RotterZwam at Northside Festival‘s Innovation Expo, June 11-12. RotterZwam is an innovative oyster mushroom farm based in an abandoned tropical swimming pool.

About RotterZwam

RotterZwam is an innovative oyster mushroom farm based in an abandoned tropical swimming pool. Siemen Cox en Mark Slegers started the company with the philosophy that waste is a human concept. “We need to look and learn more from nature to have a sustainable society. RotterZwam therefore collects one ‘waste’ stream (coffee) from the city and we make five new products out of it without having waste ourselves. After the mushrooms have formed we are looking into washing the enzymes out of the substrate. Those enzymes can be an important link in producing bio ethanol and bio plastics. After that we compost the remains with worms. Worms can eat their bodyweight in a day. We have specialized worm farms that consume up to 2 kg of organic waste per day. A set up of 8 farms can consume 5.000 kg per year without the need of heavy transportation by garbage truck.” At Northside Siemen will share everything he knows and all the mistakes he made so others that want to start a mushroom farm don’t have to make them.

About the Northside Innovation Expo

New York City’s technologists, hackers, thinkers and creators have emerged as the most exciting innovators in the world. The Northside Innovation Expo is the annual event that showcases the best of this community as it continues to grow and revolutionize society.

Housed in an epic 50,000-square-foot tent in Brooklyn’s McCarren Park on Thursday, June 11 and Friday, June 12, the expo is part of the Northside Festival — a week-long discovery festival for innovation, music, film and art with over 100,000 attendees — and runs alongside the Northside Innovation Conference, featuring panel discussions, workshops, hackathons and VIP events led by industry influencers, tech gurus and startup superstars.

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