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Rutger Brandt Gallery participates in The Armory Show 2023

Zoe Walsh, In the dust of summer, 2023. Courtesy of Rutger Brandt Gallery and the artist

Fri, Sep 8 - Sun, Sep 10  2023

Rutger Brandt Gallery at The Armory Show 2023 - New York Consulate Region

The gallery will be presenting a solo booth of new works by Zoe Walsh.

Rutger Brandt Gallery is thrilled to announce that it will be participating in The Armory Show 2023 (booth #P29) in New York with a solo booth of new works by Zoe Walsh.

Zoe Walsh uses a queer lens to deconstruct notions of sexuality that are enshrined in Western culture, along with assumptions surrounding gender expression and identity—all of which are grafted onto the physical body. Walsh’s work forges an aesthetic of trans subjectivity that offers openings out of the entrapments of the gender binary. Drawing from Warhol’s use of the silkscreened multiple as a method of deconstruction, Walsh addresses entanglements of embodiment and desire in spectatorship of gay male pornography, recently reworking late 1970s photographs produced by Falcon Studios. The erotically stylized figures at the site of a swimming pool are transformed through SketchUp and Photoshop, eventually appearing as stripped-down silhouettes in the paintings. Visual pleasure is sacred to Walsh’s work and linked to ideas of spectatorship and a desire to create space for trans identifications.

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