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S.Art Space Gallery Presents CADO & Elisa Lejeuz at AAF NYC

March 30 until April 3, S.Art Space Gallery presents two Dutch-Caribbean artists at the Affordable Art Fair in NYC.

Wed, Mar 30 - Sun, Apr 3  2016

The Metropolitan Pavilion - New York Consulate Region

March 30 until April 3, S.Art Space Gallery presents two Dutch-Caribbean artists at the Affordable Art Fair in NYC. CADO and Elisa Lejeuz are part of a multicultural group exhibition, which will invite you to explore talented emerging artists from the Caribbean Islands, as well as established artists from Europe. 

Born in 1985 in The Netherlands and raised on Aruba, young emerging self-taught photographer CADO brings the untold story of the Caribbean history through his pictures.  From old chairs to historical buildings, walls, tiles or more, he visually preserves the past into your memory. His photography consists of a mixture between vibrant selective colors and the traditional black and white pictures. CADO was always inspired by the sub-cultural richness of his island and let us discover a different facet of the traditional perception of an island life.  

Elisa Lejeuz’s style is characterized by a striking use of color, acrylic paint and the technique of applying self-made screen prints on canvas. One can read her paintings as an “archeology” of layered shapes and patterns that represent her global heritage. Elisa finds her inspiration in the symbolism of everyday life and incorporates images of these multicultural aspects and eclecticism in her work. Elisa graduated in Arts at the Post University of Fine Arts in Arnhem, Netherlands in 1995 and earned her Masters Degree in 1997. She currently lives in Aruba. 

About S.Art Space Gallery

Out of a vision to increase awareness and interest in International art with a specific focus to develop and promote the diversity of the culture and art from the Caribbean, S.Artspace, NYC was born. This Lower East Side gallery is a creative space where the focus is on  emerging art, performance art and installations. Presenting largely unseen artists whose works are rarely or never exhibited outside of Europe and most recently the caribbean, S.Artspace Gallery is a springboard for international artists to be seen and experienced in the U.S.

About the Affordable Art Fair

Back in 1996, Will Ramsay opened Will’s Art Warehouse in southwest London to bridge the public’s increasing interest in contemporary art and London’s highbrow gallery scene. The response Will received from his Art Warehouse inspired him to take his approach to the next level, and three years later the Affordable Art Fair was born. Today, Will’s Art Warehouse still stands and the Affordable Art Fair has become something of a global phenomenon. The Affordable Art Fair now takes place in cities including Amsterdam, Bristol, Brussels, New York, Milan, London, Singapore, Hamburg, Seoul, Stockholm and Hong Kong.

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