Sabrina Chou Solo Exhibition at Human Resources LA Is On View From Oct 17

17 October 2015 — 15 November 2015
410 Cottage Home St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, USA Los Angeles

Human Resources presents HR, an exhibition of new work by Sabrina Chou consisting of backdrops, equipment, furnishings, and clothing. The exhibition proposes an ambiguity around these objects, and how they might oscillate between aesthetic proposition, functional use, and absurd adaptation. Assembled around us, the works outline open-ended sets, figurative utopias, and allegorized landscapes. Somewhere between the field, the court, the lawn, the desert, the discotheque, and the office, our unattributed bodies can find vaguely open seats and space to move.

Performances and events during the exhibition to be announced.

About Sabrina Chou

Sabrina Chou (b. Los Angeles) is an artist based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She is the founder of GOODxPRACTICE, a subscription-based clothing line. HR is the second in a series of solo exhibitions in three acts. Act I was presented at Pracownia Portretu in Łodz, Poland and Act III will be presented in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. This series of exhibitions is supported in part by Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam.