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Sara Blokland in group exhibition ‘Rooted Movements’ at LMAK Projects

From July 1 until August 1 LMAK Projects presents the group exhibition ‘Rooted Movements’ with work by a.o. Dutch artist Sara Blokland.

Tue, Jul 1 - Fri, Aug 1  2014

From July 1 until August 1 LMAK Projects presents the group exhibition ‘Rooted Movements‘ with work by a.o. Dutch artist Sara Blokland. The opening reception will take place on Tuesday July 1, 6-9pm.

Rooted Movements is a group exhibition of contemporary artists of color examining the complexities of racial identity in the 21st century. Within our society of dichotomies these artists cannot approach their work merely as individuals without the burden of our societal perceptions, biases and pressures the exhibited works refine and challenge. Race still matters, and these artists flesh out its inherently fragmented relevance as a marker of difference across multiple sensibilities and discourses – male/female, European/American, post-colonial/millennial, narrative/iconic, symbolic/material, historical/personal. The exhibit features work by Dutch artist Sara Blokland, Jonathan Calm, Jeannette Ehlers, Nikita Gale and Erika Ranee.

Sara Blokland

About Sara Blokland

Sara Blokland (NL) is a visual artist predominately working with photography. In her work she reflects on the complicated role of this medium in relation to the histories of individuals, the concept of ‘family’ and culture heritage. In Rooted Movements she exhibits black and white photographs from her recent series titled Play, which is a literal observation into the world of child play of her now four year old son as he grows into his own identity. The photo’s shows traces of child logic and fantasy. The series started out on Facebook as Blokland wanted to share images of her child’s live to her friends but at the same time protect his identity and sense of self from the social media. Blokland photographs taken with great care and strict cropped compositions, show the same intensity, just as her son put into his structures. The photos in the exhibit are a selection of an ongoing ‘collaboration’. Play is a comment on the visual display of those who are unaware of what happens to the images which identifies them and instead wants to show the visuals traces of a child actions in an attempt to represent his identity.

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