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Saskia Laroo Concerts in Connecticut and New York January 11 – February 9

Fri, Jan 11 - Sat, Feb 9  2019

The Flying Monkey - New York Consulate Region

In celebration of her 40 years of music-making anniversary, Saskia Laroo will perform three times in the New York and Connecticut area in the new year. Laroo, hailed by American public and press at large as “Lady Miles of Europe”, is one of the few women trumpet stylists, blowing for more than three decades. “Jazzkia” is the title of Laroo’s third album. Find the exact dates and location below.

Friday, January 11, 2019 @ 7:00PM | Duo Laroo/Byrd’s Funky4 | The Flying Monkey, Hartford, CT – US

Friday, January 18, 2019 @ 8:00PM | Saskia Laroo w the Afrosemitic Experience | Woodlands Community Temple, White Plains, NY

Saturday, February 9, 2019 @ 7:00PM | Duo Laroo/Byrd’s Funky4 | The Flying Monkey, Hartford, CT

About Saskia Laroo

Born July 31, 1959, in Amsterdam, Saskia Laroo began on trumpet at age 8, never dreaming of becoming a professional musician. That all changed when Saskia, who had just turned 18, switched her focus to a career in music after briefly majoring in mathematics at University of Amsterdam.

She worked extensively in various groups from this point. At first mostly on upright bass, though eventually, on both bass and trumpet. The trumpet eventually became her main instrument.

Saskia Laroo combines today’s music by uncontrived romps into new styles, eagerly limned as “nu jazz” or “swingin’ body-music”–a vivacious blend of hip-hop, jazz, salsa, funk reggae, and world, that many other artists dare not venture. Her artistry and her groove ring vibrantly and free on her seven albums journeying us through the music she has absorbed and plays from heart and soul.

If you need any more information or wish to follow Saskia, please check out her website here. 

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