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Screening of “Amsterdam Stories USA” at KAFFNY

On October 14, the documentary “Amsterdam Stories USA” by Robert Rombout and Rogier van Eck will be screened at KAFFNY

Sat, Oct 14 - Sat, Oct 14  2017

On October 14, the documentary “Amsterdam Stories USA” by Robert Rombout and Rogier van Eck will be screened at KAFFNY! KAFFNY is giving us a discount: use the promotion code MINBUZA and get 20% of your tickets for the screening. Get your tickets here!

About the documentary

Apart from the capital of the Netherlands, there are some 20 Amsterdam’s across the world. The name is spread out from California to South Africa, from Svalbard to the Indian Ocean. Some are provincial towns, hamlets or inhabited islands – all are a long way from the Netherlands…  Amsterdam Stories USA is a road movie and mosaic portrayal of the little-known America that follows the migratory flow of the past through 16 North American towns, sites, and populated places, all of them called Amsterdam or New Amsterdam. Each little Amsterdam, embedded within a network of landscapes and encounters, is a different, unique story that progressively weaves an imaginary map of provincial America. From East to West, from New York (ex-New Amsterdam) to California, two filmmakers of Dutch descent establish a panorama of Middle America via a gallery of 16 tableaux. While tracing that single name across the map, they poetically examine the hinterlands, a little known America. This filmic immersion into the livelihoods and landscapes of the landscapes of a complex country is a new adventure:  sometimes solemn, offbeat, and touching. Over the past 10 years, Rob Rombout & Rogier van Eck have been tracking down the little-known places around the world.


Whether presenting works by documentary filmmaker Dai Sil Kim-Gibson, DJ Spooky’s live musical re-score of the 1956 seminal classic Korean film, “Madame Freedom”, pioneer video art by Nam June Paik, multi-faced perspectives on the 1992 Los Angelos Riots, or a three-wall gallery projection dance party for a music film set tp the entirely of Girl Talk’s definitive mashup album, KAFFNY moves across platforms to bring present the richest exhibition of the midden intersections of global culture. 

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