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Seminar 9: Of Bodies and Sound

@ Courtesy of Astrit Ismaili

Mon, Dec 18 - Mon, Dec 18  2023

On December 18, 2023, the Vera List Center for Art and Politics organizes an online seminar as part of their twelve-part Correction Seminar Series with Amsterdam-based Kosovar artist Astrit Ismaili.

Amsterdam-based Kosovar artist Astrit Ismaili’s performance lecture extends their practice, which relies on the body and presence, into the digital space. Ismaili’s work centers on how bodies are constructed, modified, and interpreted through contemporary society, but also how they are heard, asking what it means to sonify a body politic. Exploring the politics of the body and voice, they aim to disrupt prevailing narratives around representation, imagining new and radical ways of thinking on how bodies inhabit and occupy space. Their work proposes bodies that consist of both imaginary and material realities, using alter egos, body extensions and wearable musical instruments to embody different possibilities for becoming and transformation.

To attend this online seminar, you have to register here.