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Short Film ‘Bloedhond’ by Mees Peijnenburg Screened at Rooftop Films

Dutch short film ‘Bloedhond’ directed by Mees Peijnenburg will be screened at Rooftop Films on August 22

Sat, Aug 22 - Sat, Aug 22  2015

Industry City - New York Consulate Region

On August 22, Dutch short film ‘Bloedhond‘ directed by Mees Peijnenburg, will be screened during Rooftop Films on Industry City‘s rooftop. Tickets are available here

The screening is part of Rooftop Films’ ‘Rooftop Shots’ (Closing Night) where the festival concludes their 19th year with stunning short films about saying goodbye. Other shorts screened are: Kukka & Hauta (Tomi Malkki); Sleeping Giant (Andrew Cividino); Sleepers’ Beat (Anastasia Kirillova); We Will Stay In Touch About It (Jan Zabeil); Last Base (Aslak Danbolt); Le Mal du Citron (Jeremy Rosenstein & Kaspar Schiltknecht); Blobby (Laura Stewart).

About the Film

Adrenaline and testosterone are tearing though Gijs’s veins and he can’t control his temper. He seeks help, yet not wholeheartedly. Dutch talent Peijnenburg compares his protagonist to a fighting dog using gritty video of dog fights. Rough and unstoppable, yet vulnerable. 

About the Director

Mees Peijnenburg (1989) is a native from Amsterdam. In 2013 he graduated from the Netherlands Film Academy. His critically acclaimed graduation film, Cowboys Janken Ook, premiered at Berlinale Generations 2014 and was selected at SXSW the same year.
 His creative style experiments different narrative forms, in which his distinct visual style is constant.

About Rooftop Films

Rooftop Films is a New York based non-profit whose mission is to engage diverse communities by showing independent movies in outdoor locations, producing new films, coordinating youth media education, and renting equipment at low cost to artists.


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