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Solo Exhibition Saskia Boelsums at Morris Adjmi Architects, New York

From January 18 on eighteen works by photographer Saskia Boelsums will be on view at the office of architect Morris Adjmi on Broad Street in New York.

Thu, Jan 18 - Wed, Apr 18  2018

From January 18 on works by photographer Saskia Boelsums will be on view at the office of architect Morris Adjmi on Broad Street in New York. Take a look at the website of Sandvoort Gallery to see more work by Saskia Boelsums. 

About the exhibition

The exhibition will contain an overview of Saskia Boelsums Dutch landscape photography. 

About Saskia Boelsums 

Saskia Boelsums (born 1960 in Nieuwer-Amstel, Netherlands) grew up in Persia (nowadays Iraq) and on Curacao (the Dutch Caribbean). She got her education at Academy Minerva (Groningen Nederlands) in graphics and spatial design.

Since 1999 she mainly is designing 3D-installations, often together with her partner Peter Veen. From 2013 photography is her exclusive medium.

In recent years her work is often exhibited, among others at Pulchri Studio (The Hague, 2008), Van Abbe Museum (Eindhoven, 2011), Centrum Beeldende Kunst (Emmen, 2014), Young Masters Art Prize (London, 2014), Cynthia Corbett Gallery/Sphinx Fine Art (London, 2014), Fotofestival Naarden 2015, Jeffrey Leder Gallery (New York, 2016), Vondel CS-Torenkamer Opium (2016), Na Kashirke Gallery (Moskou, 2016), Concordia (Enschede, 2016-2017).

About Morris Adjmi Architects

Morris Adjmi Architects (MA) interprets the historical forces that shape our cities to design buildings that are both contextual and contemporary. The firm’s diverse team of architects and interior designers is guided by a shared belief that timeless ideas about beauty and harmony can be integrated into the modern built environment, but the expression of those ideas must reflect the way we live today. MA’s collaborative, research-based approach has helped establish the firm as a leader in the revitalization of post-industrial neighborhoods and historic districts with commercial, residential, and cultural projects that are imbued with a distinct sense of place and purpose.


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